Our Position

When it comes to feeding, we believe in supporting a mother’s feeding choices

We strive to create a better path forward for those who do choose to breastfeed and do not judge those who prefer a different means of feeding. We believe in women supporting women, not judging them. Whether it be bottle feeding, breastfeeding, pumping or nursing, do whatever works for you and enjoy motherhood as it suits YOU! Motherhood has enough challenges - our aim is to eliminate the stress associated with feeding your baby, not contribute to it.

"As a new mom - and as a family physician - I felt immense pressure to breastfeed. I knew the scientific evidence of it’s benefits and counseled patients on breastfeeding every day. I was determined to breastfeed my own kids and was wracked with guilt when I could not make it work. I felt like a failure. But the fact of the matter is, without formula, my children would have starved. The last thing I want is for any mom to feel like a failure for not being able to breastfeed. This product exists to make it easier on moms, not to contribute to “should”-ing or shaming in any way."
--Dr. Stephanie Canale, Founder of Lactation Lab

We recognize that breastfeeding is really hard. We want to make it less stressful.

Just because breastfeeding is a natural process, doesn’t mean its always an easy one. Many moms struggle. We are here to help.

Testing for quality is a means of encouraging breastfeeding

The goal of testing is not to find deficiencies, but to highlight ways to optimize your child’s health based on the science of infant nutrition. Unlike genetic testing, the results of our tests are actionable – you can improve the nutritional quality your milk through simple dietary changes and supplementation. Our aim is not to cause concern, but rather to educate, to reassure and to build confidence that your child is getting the best possible nutrition.

Many moms come to us after being discouraged from breastfeeding due to assumptions being made about the nutritional quality of their milk. Our tests help remove the guessing about the source of an infant health issue. We helped show moms that they can breastfeed for longer. This is especially true for mothers who are struggling with feeding complications. Our tests have empowered moms to bring the test results to their medical teams and advocate that the nutritional quality of their milk isn’t the issue and that alternate explanations need to be investigated.

Our test exists to help you make informed choices about breastfeeding.

Breast milk deserves the same level of innovation as formula and baby food

We believe that innovation should not just stop at bettering formulas, but also improving the breastfeeding experience. Access to research and scientific evidence in this area is long overdue.

For some mothers, breastfeeding is the toughest part of becoming a mom - some moms say it’s even harder than giving birth! Moms who breastfeed rarely receive evidence-based recommendations.

For too long, parents and care providers have have had to make assumptions about what exactly is in breast milk, making diagnostics and targeted fortification a guessing game.  Our mission is to bring a data-driven approach to breastfeeding with the goal of improving your child's health.