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I was contemplating starting formula and when I realized that my own milk was actually higher in iron and calories when compared ounce to ounce, I continued to pump after I went back to work. It provided me the reassurance I needed to keep on going!

My baby did not gain any weight between weeks 1 and 2. His doctor recommended that we supplement with formula as we would know that he would be getting enough calories then. It was disheartening thinking that my body wasn’t producing what my baby needed. Learning that my milk actually has more calories and fat than formula was so encouraging. I was able to confidently go back to exclusively breastfeeding since it turned out to be a quantity issue and not quality (he falls asleep nursing).

My wife was curious about the nutrients in her breastmilk so we tried out the Lactation Lab kit. It was really easy to use and we got the results pretty quickly. It showed that her breastmilk had plenty of nutrients and more calories per ounce than formula, which was really great to know. Great service and definitely worth the peace-of-mind!

Receiving the results of my breast milk analysis from Lactation Lab was not only very informative but also truly encouraging. It helped me value my milk and appreciate the work that my body is doing to provide good nutrition for my developing baby. What impressed me the most were the practical implications of the test: As soon as I received my results I could clearly see and easily understand the specific areas I needed to pay attention to and was able to start making wiser food choices right away. My lab results revealed that I needed to make an effort regarding my protein and vitamin C intake, which I would otherwise not have been aware of. It was also reassuring to know that the calories of my milk were higher than average.To this day I have been motivated to follow through with my diet changes by remembering my breast milk results. Eleven months into breastfeeding I feel encouraged to continue for as long as baby and me are able to, knowing the valuable content of my milk. I have recommended the Lactation Lab to my nursing friends and would like to get another kit for myself when I have another baby.

My husband and I were very curious as to the content of my milk and if our daughter was receiving the right amount of nutrients. My husband and I would drive each other crazy going back and forth on the kinds of foods I should be eating. This is where Lactation Lab came in. The kits were simple to use and quelled our questions and concerns. When we received our results we were very surprised at the level of detail that came with testing my milk. It gave my exact levels and also recommendations on what foods I should be eating in order to improve my milk where it was deficient. This was an absolute godsend for us having the peace of mind for my diet as well as types of foods I should increase in my diet. Thank you Lactation Lab for all your help and curing my family's anxiety!

When I began my breastfeeding journey I was constantly worrying that my body wasn't producing enough milk or that my baby wasn't getting everything he needed. This anxiety went away completely when I received my test results and spoke with Dr. Canale about my milk's composition and how my baby was getting all he needed and that with a few tweaks, increasing my calcium and vitamin C, I could be sure my son had all of the calories, fats and nutrients he needed to not only grow, but also thrive.The test kit itself, is cute and comes with easy to follow instructions. The process takes just a day and though you will need to pump after or between nursings it is not difficult or time consuming. I can't recommend this test kit enough! If you are a nursing Mom it will give you the knowledge and power you deserve, as it is not always an easy road, and you are amazing!

Loved the e mail I received going over the results and found the whole process easy and informative. There’s so much anxiety that can come up around breastfeeding and every little bit of support counts. This test is a great way to learn more about nutrition and to feel better about breastfeeding without feeling too obsessive or confused.

I am so happy that I purchased Lactation Lab’s kit. I was following a Vegan diet and my doctors were concerned my breast milk wouldn't have the protein and fat content necessary to feed my baby. After taking the test, I saw that my numbers in those categories exceeded average, and it gave me and my medical team peace of mind. I also saw that I was lower in B12 and Iron, which I am now supplementing into my diet. I would 100% recommend everyone test their breast milk to know how they can best support the health of their babies!

I loved the experience of using Lactation Lab. I’m on an extremely restrictive diet due to baby allergies, so I was concerned about certain vitamin and nutrient levels in my breast milk. Sending the sample was straightforward, and the results were both easy to interpret and extremely helpful. I feel a lot more confident that with a few dietary changes and some specific supplements suggested by Dr. Canale, my baby will get the most nourishing breastmilk possible from me, while I feel my best. This company is doing something really empowering.

This product is amazing. With diet changes due to potential food intolerance in my infant, I worried my milk would not be enough. This showed me it is just perfect for her and gave me some areas I can improve with supplementation. I was also concerned maybe her stool changes were from high lactose and this proved that theory wrong- I need more carbs! Definitely a really useful test whether for peace of mind or to direct your supplements. And it’s covered by your FSA/HSA!

Breastfeeding has been such a blessing to me. I love the bond that I feel with my baby. But I was concerned that I wasn't providing enough nutrients to by baby being exclusively breastfed. I am vegetarian and borderline anemic. Lactation lab provided me a really easy ( I just provided them a couple of ounces of pumped breast milk that I already had) test to see what was in my breast milk. It showed that I was slightly low in iron and that I probably should start to supplement for myself and my baby's breast milk. I highly recommend it to all moms who breast feed. Such a easy and informative tool!

What an amazing wonderful service!!!! So grateful for you guys! I'm vegan and the second somebody finds out that you don't eat meat they all become nutrition experts (eye roll) tends to make mom's really insecure. Lactation Lab was able to adjust their recommendations to our lifestyle choices, for example to us DHA that they recommended was plant based. The overall experience of sending the package was great and simple.

I loved the experience of using Lactation Lab. I’m on an extremely restrictive diet due to baby allergies, so I was concerned about certain vitamin and nutrient levels in my breastmilk. Sending the sample was straightforward, and the results were both easy to interpret and extremely helpful. I feel a lot more confident that with a few dietary changes and some specific supplements suggested by Dr. Canale, my baby will get the most nourishing breastmilk possible from me, while I feel my best. This company is doing something really empowering.

I came about Lactation lab when I was looking for ways to check the quality of my breastmilk. I was feeling a little low as my baby had reflux issues and a sensitive stomach. I was being told by multiple well-wishers to just switch to formula as it was consistent at every feed and probably more nutritious than my breastmilk. I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian but cutting diary off because of baby’s reflux issues. As it can be seen, with my dietary restrictions I was concerned if I was doing the right thing for the baby. As a scientifically inclined person, I was ecstatic to see that there was a place that answers all my questions quantitatively. So off I went to their website and bought the mid-range kit. The processing and shipping were amazingly fast. I sent the sample right away and was eagerly waiting for the results. I was super excited to know that my breastmilk actually had more calories than formula! The report was very well detailed in each section. It confirmed the doubts I had about certain deficiencies due to my diet. Dr. Stephanie Canale’s analysis, description, and suggestions were rather enlightening. I had no idea that ADA advises B12 supplements for vegetarians!!

What an amazing innovation! We all try our best to eat right but let’s face it, eating healthy requires a lot of extra work that you really don’t have when you have a newborn baby at home so you are left to wonder if you are feeding them adequately. Well that is no longer an issue! I was so happy to get my test results and was surprised that my carefully planned meals and supplements were missing a few key nutrients that I would have never guessed was missing. I am so happy I tried this and now I am tailoring my supplements and future meals to make sure I am feeding my sweet baby boy everything that he needs to develop and grow! Also the kit was super easy to use!! Thank you!!!

I tested my breastmilk and as a new mom, it was so nice to know that my baby was getting enough calories/oz and that many of my levels were perfect. BUT - what was most helpful was knowing that I was low in iron & DHA. So now I know what to increase in my diet & get back to taking my DHA supplement that I took during pregnancy. I highly recommend this for new moms who want to have peace of mind about their breastmilk!

This product is genius! I try and eat a very clean and healthy diet for myself and my baby but I’m not perfect. This test showed me where I am a bit deficient and now I can focus on incorporating other foods into my diet. I love it!! I wouldn’t have known any other way and was kinda shocked by some of the results. Highly recommend and would buy to test again in a few months to see if they’ve improved.

This product was absolutely amazing!! I was so excited to get and see my results! I found out that I need to up my iron and vit c-which didn't surprise me, but I'm excited to know specifically so I can boost my vitamin intake! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

My pediatrician told us to supplement with formula as the LO wasn't gaining enough weight and we thought it was due to low calories in my milk. Now I know it must be the latch and we can fix it or at least she can be fully on pumped breast milk with no supplementation necessary. The service also provided guidance on which vitamins I'm low on so that the LO will get the proper nutrients. All you have to do is send a sample of frozen milk taken from different feedings/ pumping sessions throughout the day back to them and you'll receive the results in an email a few days later.

Can’t recommend this test enough! My 1st son struggled to gain weight and I was told that my milk probably didn’t have enough fat in it and was encouraged to switch to formula way before I was ready. I just had my 2nd son and this time I wanted to know for sure if there were any issues with my milk before having to make any hard decisions. This test showed me that my milk is actually great quality and I feel SO much better having hard facts and not just guesswork. I received the kit quickly, it was very easy to complete and send off, and I got my results several days ahead of the lead time. The price point is super reasonable and the peace of mind it gives me knowing that I’m nourishing my child well is PRICELESS!

My son dropped off the weight charts and was labeled failure to thrive (FTT) at 2 months. The GI specialist repeatedly told me that I was starving my son by exclusively breastfeeding and not using formula. I saw multiple lactation consultants, did more weighted feedings than I care to count, and was able to prove that my son was getting a sufficient volume of breastmilk daily, but the accusations of starving him persisted. I'm a data engineer and like numbers, so I ordered this test to see how insufficient my milk was and take advantage of the advice on how to beef it up to an acceptable level. Low and behold, my results came back that my breastmilk was 28 kcal/oz! It is nearly 50% more calorically dense than formula. We had been supplementing with fortified formula of 24 kcal/oz, but my milk is even more calorically dense than even that. I have forwarded this data along to the doctors and am interested to see what the next plan of attack will be to help my son gain some much needed weight, since he is already on a high calorie diet.

This product/ service is so well-designed, I couldn’t have created something better myself! We have been having weight gain issues with my 4 mo old, my husband and I actually googled this bc we were talking about how cool it would be if a company like this existed and sure enough, here it is! Exactly how we would have designed it too! It’s so easy to use and offers such great peace of mind! I am a clinical dietitian, so I am totally nerding out on all of this data and will definitely be recommending it to others.

I was so thankful to have the opportunity to check out the composition of my milk as I was trying to figure out why my baby was fussy. It could be the flow of milk or it could be that I didn’t have enough fat content. I was able to rule out the composition thanks to the Lactation Lab. It’s a whole process of trial and error and this product helps you evaluate your milk composition, which is one of the few things that you have the option of testing.

Thanks again for creating such a fabulous product and service, much appreciated, especially after I had one lactation consultant tell me I likely had “skinny latte” milk and that was likely the cause for my child’s lack of weight gain. Always fun to be blamed as a mom, right? I was able to see that my milk was in fact the appropriate level of kcals. I was also able to find out about vitamins and minerals and I did make some changes with my diet and vitamins accordingly.

My newborn was 3% in weight and stayed there for her first nine months. She was growing so it wasn't a major concern but I still worried if I was providing her the right amount of nourishment with breast milk alone. With the lactation lab I was able to test my milk and in consultation with my pediatrician I was confident that I was providing her with the proper nutrition. I was fortunate enough to be able to exclusively breast feed for the first 8 months of her life until she started solids. I have nothing against formula, I truly believe that fed is best. I ordered this kit because my daughter has had difficulty gaining weight. The kit was straightforward and easy to use. Results came back quickly and customer service was wonderful. It was such a relief to know exactly what she is getting from my milk, validating my choice to breastfeed. The price is right too - our lactation specialist said similar tests can cost $1000!

I'm a new Mom and it gave me peace of mind to know what was in my milk. I love knowing exactly what I'm giving my babygirl. It was also great to know what I needed to add to my diet to make my milk even better for her. Also, the process was super easy.

As a first time mom, I'm so happy I found Lactation Lab to see exactly what makes up my breastmilk. I believe it is just as important as reading the labels on any food you feed your littles! Great peace of mind to know that my baby is getting everything he needs. The process was quick and easy and my results came back quickly too! Definitely recommend!

I’m so thankful I have found this test, it gives me peace of mind knowing that my baby is getting the nutrients he needs and we can continue our breastfeeding journey!

Peace of mind knowing what my baby is getting and how I can optimize my milk. The overall quality of my milk was great which was reassuring, but my iron, c, and b12 could use some boosting. It’s no nice to know exactly what needs supplementation vs. guessing. Highly recommend!

This kit was very easy to use and the results were turned around to me so quickly. If you are curious/worried about the quality of your breast milk, this kit will give you peace of mind. Stephanie’s email with the results were easy to understand and is very personalized. This was worth the money and I recommend this kit highly to all new moms

I'm a first time parent, so obviously my first time breast feeding as well. Being able to have my milk tested by the Lactation Lab was one of the most exciting and empowering experiences of my breast feeding journey. It was so reassuring to see exactly what nutrients my baby was receiving from my milk. I would definitely do this again and highly recommend their services to friends!

Working with Dr Stephanie has been a pleasure. Her expertise in breast milk has let me optimize my milk for my baby. I'm so happy to be able to give my baby the best I can, and the Lactation Lab has satisfied my curiosity to know exactly what is in my milk. It's just cool knowing how many calories and what percentage of fat my milk is. I would definitely recommend the Lactation Lab to my breastfeeding mama friends.