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Lactation Lab was incredibly helpful for my friend. We paid for her to have her milk tested as her daughter wasn’t gaining weight. It had been months of us thinking it was diet related and that’s why she was failing to thrive. When we got the results back and it showed that her milk was normal, it really solidified our suspicions that it was not related to the milk (baby had an oral aversion so would not take bottle). Within a week or so her baby had a diagnosis, and an extremely life threatening one at that. If we hadn’t had the milk tested, it could have been brushed off as diet related and could have had horrible implications.

Suzie L.

Thank you so much for the test results and the recommendations! Wow! This is exactly the information I wanted. I’m glad to hear that my milk is providing enough calories and fat for my baby. The results will help me change my diet. I was on a gestational diabetes diet during my pregnancy but I was not anemic. However, I stopped taking my prenatal vitamins. I restarted taking my prenatal vitamins this week so that should help my iron and calcium counts. This has given me peace of mind and a way forward to help make my milk the best it could be.

Soultana D.

Receiving the results of my breast milk analysis from Lactation Lab was not only very informative but also truly encouraging. It helped me value my milk and appreciate the work that my body is doing to provide good nutrition for my developing baby.

What impressed me the most were the practical implications of the test: As soon as I received my results I could clearly see and easily understand the specific areas I needed to pay attention to and was able to start making wiser food choices right away.

My lab results revealed that I needed to make an effort regarding my protein and vitamin C intake, which I would otherwise not have been aware of. It was also reassuring to know that the calories of my milk were higher than average.

To this day I have been motivated to follow through with my diet changes by remembering my breast milk results. Eleven months into breastfeeding I feel encouraged to continue for as long as baby and me are able to, knowing the valuable content of my milk.

I have recommended the Lactation Lab to my nursing friends and would like to get another kit for myself when I have another baby.

Christina B.

Christina B.

My husband and I were very curious as to the content of my milk and if our daughter was receiving the right amount of nutrients. My husband and I would drive each other crazy going back and forth on the kinds of foods I should be eating.

This is where Lactation Lab came in. The kits were simple to use and quelled our questions and concerns. When we received our results we were very surprised at the level of detail that came with testing my milk. It gave my exact levels and also recommendations on what foods I should be eating in order to improve my milk where it was deficient. This was an absolute godsend for us having the peace of mind for my diet as well as types of foods I should increase in my diet. Thank you Lactation Lab for all your help and curing my family's anxiety!

Leah A.

I really appreciated the concise summary of the results, including the visual display of the range of the results and where my results were. I also liked seeing the specific food suggestions to address certain deficiencies, and understanding how each nutrient/vitamin helps my baby's growth.

I found it useful to learn that I was low in Vitamin C and calcium and was able to discuss the results with my doctor. Doing so helped me take proactive measures to address these results like increasing my intake of certain foods and taking supplements.

Lauren M.

The test was very easy -- as easy as pumping! Knowing exactly what my baby was getting from my milk was very useful. Without this test, I never would've realized that my milk was low in protein. Knowing about it, I was able to supplement my diet. I think that increasing the protein in my diet helped my son feel fuller and sleep longer at night. I would absolutely recommend the Lactation Lab to every breastfeeding mom.

Anna A.

Anna A.

I thought it was very interesting and helpful to be able to get my milk tested! This way I know exactly what I am feeding my son and it feels very reassuring. Most people would agree that breastmilk is the best thing you could ever give your baby. But until recently, as far as I know, no one has ever bothered to actually break down the substance of an individual's milk content. Brilliant! Now I can sleep at night!

Jessica G.

I was contemplating starting formula and when I realized that my own milk was actually higher in iron and calories when compared ounce to ounce, I continued to pump after I went back to work. It provided me the reassurance I needed to keep on going!

Yesenia H.

I was lucky to be part of a group that was able to learn about the specific nutrients in my milk. I am a very healthy person that eats a very clean diet. I did learn that my choices affect the health of my child. It was very informative and I am looking forward to testing again soon to compare.

Tanya M.

I am lactose intolerant and eat little to no dairy whatsoever. I was surprised to find that my Vitamin A and calcium levels were quite low. I did start some supplements and had my milk re-tested. There was a difference! What you eat actually affects your milk!

Johanna J.

I was surprised to learn that my DHA was quite low until I remembered that I forgot to take my supplement postpartum! I immediately started taking it again and after a while saw that the levels in my milk increased. It was nice to see the difference, especially with all of the talk about DHA and brain development.

Arianna P.

Arianna P

As a first time mom, I worry about everything. Am I doing everything I should? What could I be doing better? Am I doing anything wrong? And am I providing the best nourishment for my baby?

The insight I was able to gain through Lactation Lab was invaluable. It was fascinating to be able to find out the nutritional content of my breast milk! I was able to make small changes to my diet to give my daughter better milk. I'd definitely recommend this to other moms!

Kaci L.

As a mom of two exclusively breastfeed kids, there was always a nagging question in the back of my mind about whether they were getting enough milk, nutrients, etc. This came up even more so when my son began nursing for a much shorter amount of time than my daughter ever had. Since he wasn't on solids yet, I became concerned.

That's when Lactation Lab came to the rescue. I was able to easily pump for a day after each nursing and since it's for testing, no need to worry about adding warm milk to already pumped milk. The results gave me so much peace of mind. My son was getting more than enough calories, fat and nutrients and I learned that we both need a bit more calcium and Vitamin C. The peace of mind that the test has brought me is priceless and I am just so thankful for that, as being a mom is hard enough.

Linsay H.

Lactation Lab's breast milk test kit was so easy to use. The test was able to check for different nutrients and fatty acids in the breast milk, as well as toxins! I felt reassured when my test came back with all of the right levels of nutrients my baby needs, with the exception of having low DHA. With an additional DHA supplement, I was able to know that my baby was getting proper nutrition. I found the test to be very convenient with easy instructions and a pre-paid label to send my sample back. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and other new breastfeeding moms!