(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are My Purchasing Options?

You can order a kit or consult directly on our site using a credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Purchases are eligible for HSA / FSA reimbursement.  Our Basic and Standard Kits are also available on Amazon.com.

What is the difference between kits?

Basic Standard Premium
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-12
DHA Omega-3

What will the results look like?

Your results are delivered as a PDF file with easy to understand, full color graphs, explanations of how the results affect your child and suggestions to help improve the quality of your milk.

When will i receive my test kit?

Your test kit will ship out the next business day after you place your order from our web site. All orders are shipped from Santa Monica, CA and may take 1-3 days for delivery within the USA (international orders also accepted). You will receive an email acknowledging your order and another email with a tracking number once the order has shipped. If you place your order on Amazon, they offer a variety of shipping options depending our your distance from one of their warehouses. Our kits are eligible for Amazon Prime delivery.

How long does it take to receive my results?

Once you've shipped your sample to us using the pre-paid shipping envelope, it can take 7 business days to process the sample in our lab. Premium kits may take 14-20 business days to process, as the DHA and toxin tests require special handling. Once we have completed testing, the results are emailed to you as a PDF immediately.  If you didn't receive your results in the expected time frame, please check your spam folder for an email from us!

How much milk do i need to pump?

The Basic and Standard kits require filling one 1 oz (30 ml) sample tube. The Premium kit requires filling two tubes, for a total of 2 oz (60 ml).

Does it matter what time of day i pump and collect my milk?

There are only slight variances over a 24-hour period. To get the best results, we recommend collecting a small amount of milk as you pump throughout the day.

Does it matter what i ate the day prior?

Diet does play a role in the quantity of nutrients present, but it can take a week or two them to appear in your milk.

Will my milk spoil in shipping?

We provide all necessary packaging to ship your milk frozen, as frozen milk is easier to process (and less likely to leak). But your sample is used only for testing and not consumption. Even if your milk thawed or spoiled, it would not affect the results.

Where is your lab and who are you guys?

Our lab is located at the California Nanosystems Institute on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California, one of the most advanced research labs in the world. Our unique and proprietary tests were researched and developed by a team of medical doctors, PhD chemists and toxicologists who are passionate about infant health — and parents just like you.

We are the only lab in the USA that offers nutritional testing of breast milk and are pioneering research in the field.

How is my personal information protected?

We take your privacy very seriously. All information related to your purchase (name, address, phone number) are stored separately from your lab results in different physical facilities. We do not store any payment information.

Can I share my results?

Yes. Your results are delivered as a PDF file via email. You can forward this email or print the PDF to share it with your doctor or health care provider.

What is your refund / return policy?

We aim for 100% satisfaction from all of our customers, but understand that sometimes circumstances change and testing may no longer be needed. If you request a refund prior to returning your milk sample, we can refund your purchase price. Once your milk sample has been returned to us and testing has begun in the lab, we can no longer offer a refund.

Do you accept international orders?

We can accommodate most orders from outside the USA. If you encounter any issues with checkout, please contact us at support@lactationlab.com so that we can create a special order for you. Note that we cannot provide pre-paid return shipping for international orders.

Can you provide custom tests?

Yes, with any Premium Kit you can request testing for the levels of any chemical element that appears on the periodic table, including Aluminum, Boron, Beryllium, Copper, Chromium, Magnesium, Platinum (used in the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin) and Silicon (used in silicone implants). Please contact support@lactationlab.com to arrange for processing and payment for any custom orders. Unfortunately, we cannot yet test for Glyphosate in breast milk.

I lost the activation / sample collection instructions. could you provide them?

If you purchased your kit from a third party (eg a retailer, Amazon.com or FSAStore.com) please follow these instructions to first activate your kit. You must activate your kit otherwise we won’t know where to send your results!

If you purchased your kit directly on our website, please follow these milk collection instructions (no need to activate).

I am just looking for general breastfeeding support, can you help?

We offer all moms free access to The Lactation Lounge, our private breastfeeding support group on Facebook.  Please join us there to ask questions and share information.

I have a question not listed above, can you help?

Of course! Please email any questions to support@lactationlab.com, call or text us at 856-522-4357 and we'll do our best to answer promptly.