Dr. Dawn DeSylvia’s Top 10 Health (and Sanity) Tools For New Moms

My amazing friend and mother sent us all an email yesterday, (@LaurenLobley) apologizing for her delay in replying.  She said she feels like she is being swallowed up whole by her 2 young children (age 1 and 4 ) and jokingly said, it literally is like survival of the fittest over here, for which each mom on the feed said “Oh my God, you nailed the experience exactly!”

So while you may be purchasing this kit to help your child receive the best you have to offer, we want to help you receive the best science and medicine has to offer You as well!

We know there is so little support for new Mom’s medically. “Nothing can be safely tested in pregnancy and breast feeding, so we can’t recommend anything”, is the general consensus from traditional medicine. 

Well we are here to start to change that narrative! Now more than ever we need to support you, and we have enough science and wisdom to do so.

In addition to the detailed analysis and dietary recommendations you’ll receive from lactation labs, here are some things you can do to start towards your road to surviving and thriving! 

I realize these are suggestions, and some may not be practical every day, but even if you pick one or two to do a few days a week, it’s a start! You’ll be amazed by how just a little can go a long way in caring for yourself. Also remember, you are in training! And we are here to support you in winning and thriving #survival of the fittest champions!  

  1. Making time. I know this is the most hysterical suggestion ever. Especially now when most of us are home schooling and juggling relationships in a whole new way. But it has to be done. Start with what you can. Ten minutes a day, one hour a week. Talk with your husband, partner, and families about your need for this. In order to do this you may have to do some writing about what it is you really need, or praying. Ask God, the universe, your soul, what you need in order to feel you are being the woman you want to be for yourself and your family. Once you know and share it with your family, commit and hold them accountable as well, this is a non-negotiable. You can not give what you don’t have to give, so you taking this step for you will be wide and far reaching. 

  2. The three legs of health are having some sort of spiritual or mindfulness practice, eating healthy foods (organic whenever possible, minimal refined sugar and no fast or highly processed foods to start) and some sort of daily movement and exercise. 

  3. We’ve got to start to get you sleeping, when you can! This is one of the biggest challenges we see with new moms.  In addition to the things I suggest below, most of which all can have an both a direct and indirect powerful and positive affect on your sleep, Here’s another of my favorites! Walk outside first thing in the morning, (babe in tow if needed) and get your feet on the earth and ground, while looking into the sun. This stimulates your pineal gland to help balance circadian rhythms, as well as fueling your cells from the electrical potential of the earth. (To learn more, see this NIH article abstract.)

  4. On that note, nature, nature, nature! With compassion and patience for the days it’s impossible to leave the house (or even your bedroom), balance that with knowing how healing and nourishing, and beautiful being outside can be. 

  5. While western/traditional medicine again will tell you there’s not much you can do for your health while breast feeding, we know that other bodies of medicine have been helping mom’s successfully for centuries! In addition to finding a functional, integrative doctor to work with, you may do well with acupuncture or homeopathy. Both can be wonderful in helping your nervous system, immune system, sleep and more. Remember to be discerning in your search for a provider, listen to your intuition about what and how feels like a good fit for you. Also, when cost is of issue I always refer patients to the local acupuncture colleges or naturopathic schools. Here, you will be seen by interns supervised and guided by highly skilled licensed practitioners. 

  6. Chiropractic care (specializing in pregnancy and post partum), pelvic floor physical therapy and massage. Again this can be time and cost prohibited, but even a single session can go a long way. Your body has gone through so many changes in the last year, and to start to realign your skeletal system, can not only help with physical pain and discomfort, but also give immense support to your sleep cycles, moods, digestion and immune system.

  7. Schedule time with your partner and friends. While contrary to your child’s beliefs (and your experience!) you are more than a mom. Again, do this with compassion for yourself.  It may be it’s once a week, or even once a month. But do something solely for you (acupuncture, nap, yoga), something with a friend, or group of friends, and something with your partner. We hear about the importance of this all the time, but I think we need a daily reminder to make this a priority in our over crowded schedules.

  8. Turn your wi-fi off at night, and don’t sleep with your phone by your bed. I have been saying for awhile that my profession is doing a terrible job at informing people of the harmful effects our technology is having on our biology. The effects can be far reaching, but from a very basic point, it can be very disruptive to your sleep and taking these few steps can go a long way.

  9. Rock yourself to sleep or calm your nervous system with even a few minutes on the Chi machine!

  10. Seed cycling, while not for everyone, can start to support your hormones, sleep and immune system, naturally. For more information visit my website under Doctor’s corner.


Again remember to be kind and patient with any goals you set, but also return to them, make signs and stars for you to celebrate your efforts. Ask for help, and enjoy the journey, it is all worth it. 

And for more inspiration and support check out this podcast! 



Note: The views expressed in this article belong to the author.



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