• The Low Down on Lipase

    The Low Down on Lipase What is Lipase? There are two different types of lipase found in human milk. These lipasesare enzymes necessary for digesti...
  • Can Lead Be Present in Breast Milk and Is It Harmful?

    Recent reports of high levels of lead in baby formula raise the question of whether lead can be found in breast milk. The short answer is that while breast milk is generally safe, it is possible for it to contain lead. Lead is a common contaminant in the environment and can make its way into breast milk if absorbed by the mother through food, water or airborne pollution.

    Dr. Stephanie Canale, founder of Lactation Lab, developed a unique and proprietary test kit for measuring the level of lead and other toxins in breast milk.

  • How Much Protein Does a Breastfeeding Mom Need?

    How much protein does a breastfeeding mom need? And does it matter what kind? These are a couple of questions raised by a recent Consumer Reports article suggesting that most people require less protein than they think.

    Proteins are important for immune and neurological function and are the building blocks for tissues, muscle and bones, says Dr. Stephanie Canale, founder of Lactation Lab. “It’s important that when we’re talking about a mother's recommended protein intake, we take into account a breastfeeding mother’s need for protein to recover from the physiological strain of pregnancy and childbirth," she said.

  • Do Supplements Really Work to Increase Milk Supply?

    My patients often ask me about the efficacy and safety of the supplements that claim to increase your milk supply. Do they really work?

    If you’re struggling with milk supply issues, the first step is to evaluate simple factors including latch evaluation, oral examination of the infant, frequency of feeding or pumping and thoroughness of breast emptying. A lactation consultant, often available at your local hospital or breastfeeding support store, can be invaluable in identifying if there are underlying issues contributing to milk supply.

  • How Can I Be Sure To Pump Enough Milk?

    How Can I Be Sure To Pump Enough Milk? By Dr. Stephanie Canale   It has been said many times over, and most mothers who nurse agree, that there is ...