• Caffeine and breast milk: how much is safe?

    For what seems like a majority of people, the day doesn’t start until coffee is in hand. Sleep deprived moms often ask whether they can continue to...
  • Can a Breastfeeding Mom's Diet Trigger Colic?

    You know it when you see it: the gut-wrenching, hours-long crying of an infant that appears to be in pain...COLIC. Anyone who’s had a baby with col...
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    Breastfeeding for Vegans: Ensuring Healthy Breast Milk on a Vegan Diet Many women are choosing vegetarian or vegan diets, thanks to numerous report...
  • Mothers With Thyroid Issues Should be Cautious in Using Fenugreek

    Fenugreek is listed as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and as long as mothers are aware of the possible side effects, this is a good option to try to increase supply. However, mothers with thyroid conditions should proceed cautiously and consult with their physician before taking a fenugreek supplement.
  • How Much Protein Does a Breastfeeding Mom Need?

    How much protein does a breastfeeding mom need? And does it matter what kind? These are a couple of questions raised by a recent Consumer Reports article suggesting that most people require less protein than they think.

    Proteins are important for immune and neurological function and are the building blocks for tissues, muscle and bones, says Dr. Stephanie Canale, founder of Lactation Lab. “It’s important that when we’re talking about a mother's recommended protein intake, we take into account a breastfeeding mother’s need for protein to recover from the physiological strain of pregnancy and childbirth," she said.